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Memorial created 10-18-2006 by
Reeny Fitzer
Ray A. Fitzer
November 14 1931 - August 27 2006

This Site has been created out of the love I have for my dear husband of 42 years. He was my soul mate and I miss him so much . He was born in Wellington Tx. to Ray D. Fitzer and Thema Cleo Yopp on 11/14/31 and left this earthly plane to be with our angel children Dustin and Becky 8/27/06. We ranched for many years in south texas when we were young . He was a friend to all that knew him . he is so missed and loved .


I would like to invite you to visit our angels site if you have time and learn more of them.Please Visit them and Sign the Guest Book If you have time .

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Reeny & Ray Dancing

My dear I am here today to let you know how I loved to dance with you now I can dance with you any time I want to.Thank you Bobbie for this awesome gift to the left that you made for me .Thanks to you I can dance here forever with My Dearest Ray til we can dance in heaven together again .


Gift From Nina Stephanie

Ray's 1st. Anniversary in Heaven 8/27 -2007 My Angel in Heaven He was special in life. He was brave until the end. He had a heart of pure gold. Today, he is an Angel in heaven.

I know heaven is his home now. I know his pain is gone. I know his suffering is over. Today, he is an Angel in heaven.

He is gone but not forgotten. He is a part of me . He has left me with love to pass on. He has given me the strength to endure my sorrows He will be remembered and loved forever. Ray my dear Angel will live in my heart forever.

Happy 1st Anniversary in Heaven, dear Ray! **Nina Stephanie**

~ My dear Irene You 're a person so unique and dear, So precious like a beautiful gem, Captivating many with your amazing sparkle. With your warm words and resonating light, You have touched the hearts of so many, And anyone who known you, Has truely been blessed. cause you are A Woman With A Unique Soul.

~~Dearest Irene I LOVE you, my dear ANGEL on earth. **Nina Stephanie**

I'm here for you, in your time of need.

My prayers and thoughts are with you, dearest Reeny Your dear husband , will be with you always, helping to guide you, Please know, that his hand are on your shoulders as you cry, and his arms around you. My dear sweet Reeny , try to smile your so beautiful smile, please know Ray is Looking down on you....

May the Lords blessing fall freely over you and everything you do! Love

Nina Stephanie


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